OITNB: Orange Is The New Black Trailer 2014

Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Premiere Date
OITNB: Season 2 premieres June 6, 2014
If you're like me, you simply cannot WAIT for Orange is the New Black to be back with Season 2!

OITNB Season 2 premieres June 6, 2014, and the new trailer premiered this week. It looks like Season 2 is going to be cray-cray!

Speaking of crazy, it looks like Crazy Eyes will finally gets a love interest -  who just happens to be Red's longtime mortal enemy. Double the crazy!


Train Conductor Kicks Man In Head For Standing Too Close To Train

As a speeding train approached, Jared Michael thought he'd whip out his phone and take a "moving" selfie, or a video, if you will.

Jared Michael Kicked In Head By Train Conductor
The moment of impact.
Standing what he thought was a "safe" distance from the train, Jared held up his phone and captured the moment. The train came roaring by. It's horn blared angrily, and the conductor was screaming. However, it was not enough of a warning for Jared, who then hit "record" on his phone.

He never would have guessed what was going to happen next.

The screaming conductor stuck his booted foot out and kicked Jared in the head.

That'll teach him, I suppose.

Do you think the train conductor was simply trying to teach Jared a lesson the hard way? Or do you think he was completely out of line for kicking a man in the head intentionally?

Rapper Andre Roxx Slices Off Penis, Jumps From Building, LIVES.

VIDEO: Andre Roxx made an official "Killa Bee" - WuTang Clan

A rapper who is affiliated with WuTang Clan has severed his own penis in a suicide attempt.

Andre Roxx Cuts Off Penis In Suicide Attempt
Andre Johnsons a.k.a. "Andre Roxx"
Andre Roxx (real name Andre Johnson, go figure) is a member of the rap group Killa Beez, a group associated with WuTang.

Andre Johnson cut off his own penis last night around 1:00AM then jumped from the second story of a North Hollywood building. His attempted suicide failed after paramedics were called to the scene and he was transported to Cedars-Sinai hospital.

He was listed in critical condition. No word on his prognosis, or if he'll have his penis surgically reattached.

It's going to be a long road to recovery for this guy. Mentally, physically, emotionally, you name it. Every level.

We don't know if drugs were involved or of it's a case of mental illness.

This is reminiscent of the rapper, Houston, who gouged his own eye out, about 10-years ago. Remember that? Houston was using PCP that night. I have a hunch Andre Roxx may have also been using before his suicide attempt. PCP, bath salts, I dunno, but the high sure wasn't worth it, man.

The World Made Pharrell Cry Over "HAPPY" Videos

Pharrell Cries Over Happy On Oprah
You made Pharrell cry, internet.
Everyone loves Pharrell's "Happy". Might I even say it could be THE song of the year?

People love the song so much that fans all all over the world have come together to make their own videos about being happy.

There are TONS of them on YouTube.

Recently Pharrell spoke with Oprah about the "Happy" viral video sensation and watching the fan-made videos caused him to cry. Pharrell was so moved by fans' love, that he couldn't even talk. Then, Oprah made it worse by bringing up his dead grandmother,
Oh. Oprah. Cripes.

When Pharrell finally spoke, his words were truly moving.

"It's overwhelming, because I love what I do. And I appreciate that fact that like, people have believed in me for so long that I could make it to this point....to feel....to feel THAT." 

And THIS, internet, is why we love Pharrell.

Watch more videos of people being "Happy" around the world after the cut!


Teen Twitter Troll Arrested After American Airlines Threat

Sarah @Demetriax_ Terrorist Tweet American Airlines
Sarah's "Ibrahim" joke wasn't funny to American Airlines
A 14-year-old girl has been arrested after threatening American Airlines with "something big."

The teen, whose Twitter handle was @QueenDemetriax_, tweeted to the airline:

"hello my name's Ibrahim and I'm from Afghanistan. I'm part of Al Qaida and on June 1st I'm gonna do something really big bye"
American Airlines responded immediately, saying they would forward all of her information to the FBI.

"Sarah, we take these threats very seriously. Your IP address and details will be forwarded to security and the FBI."

And they were.

American Airlines later deleted their tweet and instead tweeted:

"At American, the safety of our passengers and crew is our number one priority. We take security matters very seriously and work with authorities on a case by case basis."

Sarah kept on tweeting, trying to backpedal for her mistake.

I need a lawyer. Any lawyers on here?— 
demetria (@QueenDemetriax_) April 13, 2014

Omg someone's knocking on the door. Maybe it's the FBI omgg— 
demetria (@QueenDemetriax_) April 13, 2014

I blocked the FBI just in case.
demetria (@QueenDemetriax_) April 13, 2014

At least I have something to tell at school tomorrow lol— 
Sarah (@QueenDemetriax_) April 13, 2014

It was my friend not me— 
demetria (@QueenDemetriax_) April 13, 2014

I'm so stupid, and scared.
demetria (@QueenDemetriax_) April 13, 2014

Why would I blow up one of your planes, I have my own jet @AmericanAir— 
demetria (@QueenDemetriax_) April 13, 2014

We learned today that Sarah has been arrested in the Netherlands after turning herself in. She was accompanied by a parent at the police station, and was interrogated about her terroristic tweet.

No word on Sarah's punishment, but we have a feeling she probably learned a huge lesson this weekend. Oh, and her Twitter account has since been suspended.


Snoop Dogg Is Coming To Seattle/Denver To Celebrate 4/20

Snoop Dogg Seattle Denver 4/20
Snoop Dogg will be smoking in Seattle and Denver for 4/20 
Snoop Dogg loves his weed and since Washington State has legalized cannabis Snoop has decided to celebrate 4/20 Eve (4/19 for the dense) in Seattle, and 4/20 in Denver.

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa will be at the WaMu Theatre in Seattle on Saturday, 4/19 and on 4/20 they'll be at Denver's Red Rocks for their "Wellness Retreat" show.

Happy Easter.


Peaches Geldof Dies At 25

Peaches Geldof Dead Death Suicide
Photo: Peaches Geldof Twitter
Peaches Geldof has died at the age of 25, it was reported Monday. Her father, musician Bob Geldof released the following statement regarding his daughter's death:

"Peaches has died. We are beyond pain. She was the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all of us. Writing 'was' destroys me afresh. What a beautiful child. How is this possible that we will not see her again? How is that bearable?"

The cause of death is not yet known.

Police were called to Peaches' home shortly before her death, someone was reportedly concerned for her well being and dialed authorities. Peaches mother, Paula Yates, died in 2000 after an accidental heroin overdose. Peaches was 11.

Peaches leaves behind her husband, Thomas Cohen, and two sons, Astala, 2, and Phaedra, 1.